Black and Blue Racing First Aid Kit - Medium Size

$ 330.00

Introducing the ultimate First-Aid kits from Black N Blue Racing. These kits were designed with the off roader in mind. Everything you՚ll ever need from a quick fix to a full survival situation is in these kits, neatly organized, quantified, and sealed in a watertight case. 
Simply impressive.
Sea Horse SE430 Hard Case (Orange) (1)
6" Wound Stop Pro+ Pressure Bandages (2)
Trauma Gauze (1)
4 oz. Bottle Eye Wash (1)
SAM Splint (1)
3" Elastic Bandage (2)
Triangular Bandage (1)
Burn Gel Burn Dressing (1)
Mylar Survival Wrap (1)
Gauze (4.5") (4)
5"x9" ab Pad (2)
Trauma Shears (1)
Roll Medical Tape (1)
Gloves (pair) (2)
Sunscreen Wipes (5)
AMK Pocket Medic (1)
Cold Pack (2)
First Aid Booklet (1)
Vio-Nex wipes (6)
TK-4L Tourniquet (1)