LJ Flat Fenders w/ a 4" flare (Set of 2)

$ 375.00

Our Flat Fenders were designed with several benefits in mind. First and most obvious, these fenders really open up your wheel well, gaining a couple of inches of tire clearance over your factory plastic fender flares. Here are some of the features to this product:

    - Built out of 1/8" plate. This adds plenty of strength where it is needed.
    - The tubing is 1.5" x .120 wall. These can take a hit without losing the fight in most cases. They will hold up well over time to
      rubbing against rocks and other obstacles.
    - You are able to retain your factory inner fender. This makes it so you do not need to relocate all of your accesories under
      your hood.

      To install these fenders, you will trim outside of your drip edge which you find when you lift your hood. This still allows you to keep a clean engine compartment by utilizing much of what came from the factory. There is some minor trimming to your outer fender to mount these flat fenders, but it is done in a manner that provides an absolutely clean and professional appearance when you are done.