Recovery Block, Split Sheave 20k rating

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Recovery Blocks, Split Sheave

Split sheaves or snatch blocks can come in handy when needing to double the line pulling power of your winch, or change your pulling direction without damaging your winch line. They can also reduce heat buildup and amp draw from your winch. These pulleys were designed to be lightweight and small, yet extremely strong. Many conventional snatch blocks or split sheaves are heavy, large, and cumbersome. They take up unnecessary space in the vehicle and make rigging much more difficult.

Sheave diameter along with bearing efficiency determines the efficiency of the block. Larger sheave diameters produce greater pulley efficiencies. The bushing or bearing is the load bearing member between the sheave and the axle. A bushing spreads the load over a larger area of the axle. This results in greater transfer and very little wear and extremely long life of the pulley. Bearings decrease the amount of surface area in contact with the axle which creates a more efficient transfer by rolling the load around the axle. Load on the transfer point is increased which results in faster wear, shorting the life of the pulley. The axle is the primary determinant of overall strength. Our axle is made of stainless steel with special corrosion-resistant nuts ensuring a lifetime of resistance to the elements. Our sideplates are stainless steel, very strong and resistant to the elements. We use lightweight aluminum sheaves for rope efficiency. NOTE: Steel sheaves should only be used for steel cable.

Split Sheave Pulley, 4” Aluminum Sheave, Bushing, Stainless Steel Side plates. P/N SS122

Weight: 2lb 3 oz.

Sheave diameter: 4”

Size: 8” x 4-3/4”

Working load: 20,000lbs

Max rope diameter; 5/8”

Extremely lightweight for easy rigging

Compact size saves space