Recovery Roundsling AKA TREE SAVER STRAP "6 foot"

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Roundslings "6 foot"


6Ft. Black Polyester Roundsling P/N RSB-6


Polyester Roundslings are a great recovery strap and should be part of the recovery arsenal in every off- road rig. We stock many different load capacities, but the black is the one rated for recovery. These slings fold or roll up very tightly and weigh much less than conventional yellow flat recovery straps. They are also circular and less bulky than conventional flat straps so they fit into your hooks or shackle’s much easier. Being that they are polyester they will not hold or absorb water. These slings have polyester strands covered with a polyester cover and have very little stretch. Due to the low stretch they make a great winch point tie off to go around rocks and are superior as a tree saver strap. When you choke this sling around a tree it will stay up and not fall down like its friend the flat yellow strap. We stock a very short length which is 18” in length. This short length is great for a winch point connection on any vehicle, specially tube or roll bars. Hook your winch line directly to this strap for a solid, in line connection point. They have a vertical safe working load capacity of 5,300lbs. A basket capacity of 10,600lbs, and a choke configuration capacity of 4,200lbs. These slings are designed for overhead lifting and carry a 5 to 1 safety factor built into the rating. These slings will break at 5 times the safe working load.