TJ Corner Guards (Set of 2) "NO FLARE"

$ 245.00

Our Rear Corner Guards are one of our best selling products to date. These are great for protecting your Jeep tub while off-road and giving you the added insurance that if and when you do back in to a rock on the trail (for the wheelers) or a post in the parking lot (for the mall crawlers), you will not do the kind of damage that costs thousands to repair. We have beat on these from The Rubicon to Moab and down to The Hammers, with others all over the Country doing the same thing. Here is a list of many of the features:

    - Laser Cut
    - CNC Bent with a die custom built to fit the radius of the Jeep Wranglers
    - Mounting holes are already cut out to allow for quick and easy installation
    - Any tail light configuration can be cut in to your corners allowing for some customization to your specific need 
    - They come with a mounting plate that is used to pinch the body rather than only hanging off of your bolts (and you dont pay
      extra like you do from other guys)
    - Cover any damage that might have been created while you were thinking about purchasing these Corner Guards

      These fenders have been shipped all over the United States with great success so far. We offer these in standard cut, stretched cut, comp cut and we even do custom cut fenders for those of you looking for something unique. They are easy to install (even easier if you have or can borrow a second set of hands). Often times, these can be installed in just a couple of hours from start to finish. Some drilling is required for mounting these to your Jeep.