Wiiring how to book! Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems

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Winner of a Bronze International Automotive Media Award for 2009 in the Technical / How-to Book Writing category! Learn more in regards HERE.

Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is Tony Candela's first book and is published by CarTech Books. Unlike other titles on this topic, Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems has been written so that the weekend enthusiast can easily comprehend its content. In addition, several step-by-step examples accompany the text so that the reader can actually follow the steps required in their own garage on their own vehicle. Finally, over 315 full color pictures and 65 diagrams, flowcharts, and illustrations supplement the content. With this book in hand, you will be able to:

Assemble, design, and build single and multi-function circuits and harnesses
Troubleshoot and repair existing circuits
Install aftermarket systems and electronics.
Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is your essential guide for wiring a hot rod from scratch, modifying muscle car electrical circuits for cooling fans and/or power windows, or adding a premium stereo and other conveniences to modern performance cars.


ince it's release, Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems has been a continual best seller with publisher Car Tech. In August of 2010, it earned an award with the IAMA - CLICK HERE for details.

Following is a snapshot of what you'll find between the covers:

Basic DC Electronics
How to correctly use the tools of the trade
- test lights - incandescent & computer safe
- digital multi meter (15 PLUS pages, with step by step instructions)
Automotive Wiring Basics
- basic connections
- how to properly terminate connections - crimping & soldering both small and large gauge wire
Basic Automotive Electronics
- switches – types & use
- relays – types & use, unlocking the mystery, how to use them in projects of all kinds
Advanced Automotive Electronics
- power door lock circuits - in depth
- power window circuits - in depth
- the charging system - in depth
- upgrading the charging system - in depth
Troubleshooting - from A to Z with numerous step by step examples
Advanced Interfaces
- interfacing aftermarket controllers with OEM power door lock & power window circuits
- upgrading headlights
- adding an auxiliary battery
Wiring harness basics
- prepping harnesses
- building a harness from scratch